837 Regulated Industries: Energy - §001, Spring 2011

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Economic Regulation

Instructor(s) Carstensen, Peter

Regulated Industries: Energy (Law
837).   This is a course/seminar on energy regulation with the focus
on natural gas and electricity.  It will
be a "course" if the enrollment exceeds 15.  I will treat it as
a seminar if enrollment is less than 15.  In either case, students will
receive 3 credits.  If we have sufficient
enrollment, it meet twice a week for 1 hour and 20 minutes as indicated in the
schedule.  I also plan to offer the option of doing a short paper on a
relevant topic of the student's choice to count as 50% of the final
grade.  The final exam will be a take home with students who did papers
have responsibility for doing only one part of the exam. If we have lower
enrollment, the class will be a "seminar" and will meet on Mondays
for two full class periods (same starting time as scheduled (
1:20), but extending to
the end of the
2:25 class period (i.e. 3:20).   The first part of the seminar
will introduce and provide an oversight of the energy regulatory process. 
Students will identify areas for more focused research and presentations. 
Based on areas of interest and the size of the class, several groups will be
organized of students with related interests who will prepare a joint presentation
on their area of interest.  This will occupy the middle of the
semester.  The final part of the semester will involve presentation of the
first draft of individual research papers.  Each student will present the
their paper for comment by the class and the professor.  Final drafts will
be due shortly after the end of the examination period. I will let registered
students know before the start of the spring semester which format will be used.


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