854 Clinical Program: Government & Legislative Clinic (GLC) - §017, Spring 2014

Categories: Law Practice Skills Municipal and Local Government Health Law

Instructor(s) McBride, Erin

The Government and Legislative Clinic (GLC) is one of the Law School's newest clinical experiences. Since its inception in 2011, students have taken advantage of a large range of internship opportunities at state, local and municipal government offices. Students earn credits toward graduation in exchange for their hours each week working side-by-side with their agency's legal counsel. Students in the clinic also meet each week for a seminar class which adds context and support to their internship assignments. Seminar discussions review statutory interpretation, legislative drafting, administrative rulemaking, administrative law and the regulatory state. Students take an active role in tracking pending legislation and monitoring current events.

The GLC provides students with the unique opportunity to observe and participate in the many facets of governmental law, policy and the legislative process. Working under the direct supervision of clinical faculty and attorneys in legislative, administrative and judicial settings, students gain first-hand experience working with government agencies on legal issues with policy significance. Students have completed externships as part of the GLC in a wide variety of state and local agencies.

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