Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Public Interest Law

Instructor(s) Sidel, Mark

Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations covers the management and regulation of the American nonprofit and philanthropic sector, with some international coverage as well. We will discuss the various functions and categories of nonprofits, ranging from providing services to advocacy and a host of other activities; how nonprofits are formed; their missions and governance; the roles of board members, leaders, staff, members and volunteers; how they are regulated and their tax status with federal, state and local governments; recent controversies and debates in the nonprofit and philanthropic fields; strategic planning and fundraising; the role of donors and their tax treatment; ethical issues for nonprofits; accreditation and self-regulation; the role of philanthropy in American life, including discussion of private foundations, community foundations, and corporate giving; crossborder and diaspora giving; and international and comparative perspectives on nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

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