Categories: Criminal Law Family Law

Instructor(s) Young, Morgan

Course focuses on state and federal laws, policy and practices impacting victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Topics examined include dynamics of domestic abuse; restraining orders; mandatory arrest law via law enforcement, prosecution & sentencing responses; batterers treatment; battered women who kill & the battered women syndrome; family law, including custody/physical placement, relocation, mediation, effects on children who witness violence; Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); domestic abuse against the elderly; and welfare reform. Class involves a mix of papers, observation of injunction hearings, interactive exercises, and a final exam.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course –
o Students will be able to identify the dynamics of domestic violence that may be present in clients and cases.
o Students will know best practice for providing trauma-informed legal services for survivors of domestic violence.
o Students will be well-versed in Wisconsin statute and case-law addressing domestic violence.

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