Categories: Criminal Law

Instructor(s) Kempinen, Ben

Learning Objectives – Development of:
- The ability to reconstruct, reflect upon and learn from professional experiences to internalize an ongoing commitment to improvement – both personal and systemic
- Comparison of local approaches to selected practice issues – integration of the summer research project into the class discussion
- Overview of the bar admission and attorney discipline processes
- An appreciation of the formal and informal mechanisms that control professional conduct of attorneys
- An appreciation of professionalism in practice – the qualities that distinguished the most effective lawyers externs observed during their summer experiences
- A command of both the Wisconsin Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys and the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Assessment Strategies:
- Class discussions of student experiences and summaries of local responses to issues included in summer research project
- Guest speakers – bar admission and attorney discipline processes
- Problem sets – several problem sets for each ethical topic
- Multiple written assignments
- Review of written assignments – students receive individual feedback as well as class discussions of their written assignments
- Student responsibility – written evaluation of experience and one on one de-briefing with project director
- Class grade – final grades are based on the written assignments and class engagement – there is no final examination.

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