940 Constitutional Development: Emerging Democracies - §012, Spring 2011

Categories: International and Comparative Law Constitutional Law Human Rights

Instructor(s) Williamson Jr., Brady

Constitutional development in emerging democracies. 
Over the last decade, a number of new and nascent democracies have adopted
constitutions that offer lessons in the rule of law--both its process and its
substance.  How did these countries draft their constitutions?  Do
they reflect only theory and aspiration or are they making a difference in the
political and social life of the country?  This 3-credit course will review
constitutional concepts, internationally-defined, and focus on the
constitutional and election law process in Iraq,
Sudan, Bangladesh
and other countries.  On January 9, 2011, the people in Southern Sudan will vote in a referendum on secession from Sudan, a unique democratic process that could lead to the establishment of the world's newest country.  Depending on the referendum's outcome, students in this seminar probably will have the opportunity to help support, from afar, the development of a transitional constitution for the new nation, which would take effect on July 9, 2011


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