940 Sexual Orientation & the Constitution - §019, Spring 2012

Categories: Constitutional Law Human Rights

Instructor(s) Perreault, Michele, Gendreau, Chad

One of the most active areas of contemporary constitutional jurisprudence is the area of civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their families. Students will analyze the constitutional foundation for the expansion and contraction of rights in the past and present, and take a look at what the future may hold. We will engage in this analysis by examining a handful of topics in depth. The anticipated topics include marriage and civil unions, workplace rights and employment law, issues arising from the care and custody of children, free speech issues and more. The grade for this course will be derived primarily through a 10 to 15 page research paper expanding on one of the course topics. NOTE: this course is similar in content to the previously offered course 'L&CP: Sexual Orientation & the Law' (Spring 2011); if you took the Spring 2011 course, you should not take the Spring 2012 course.

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