University of Wisconsin–Madison

953 SP Business Orgs: Transactional IP - §001, Spring 2016

Categories: Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Frenchick, Grady

This course will examine intellectual property, viz., patent, trademark (including branding and brand selection), copyright, and trade secret issues in various business contexts. Class meetings will focus upon the theory and practice reflected in current IP business practices and pending cases and transactions dealing with protection and licensing of intellectual property, licensing practices having antitrust implications, contract negotiation, intellectual property commercialization particularly in the highly regulated life sciences space and other current legal issues at the intersection of intellectual property, contract and business law.

A significant number of the class meetings will be conducted using Skype or other similar program.

The class will be offered for 2 or 3 credits with a 20 page paper for 2 credits and a 30 page paper for three credits. The course serves as a capstone for business students interested in intellectual property and intellectual property students interested in business law and policy. The goal is to allow students to see intellectual property in practice and to synthesize intellectual property and business policy as reflected in contractual arrangements. Recommended courses: Introduction to Intellectual Property or Copyright or Patent and Business Organization.

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