Instructor(s) Dunek, Laura

Learning Outcomes:
1. Substantive Knowledge. To read, review and discuss legal issues, sources of law, legal requirements, and policy issues related to the administration and operation of higher education institutions.
2. Critical Analysis, Professional Ethics, and Decision-Making Skills. Develop professional skills in critical analysis, professional ethics, and decision-making processes, by analyzing and generating solutions for real world legal issues and policy problems facing higher education institutions in the modern era.
3. Writing Skills. Develop professional writing skills in legal analysis, critical analysis, concise summative narratives, independent scholarly research and synthesis, and expressing persuasive arguments and conclusions by writing weekly analyses and completing an independent research paper.
4. Negotiation Skills. Develop professional negotiation knowledge and skills by preparing for and participating in two to four in-class negotiations related to settling issues such as student misconduct and employment law disputes.
5. Social Capital Development. Further develop your network of professional connections by attending community engagement activities, which are directly related to your career goals and professional aspirations.

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