950 Lawyering Skills: Oral Communications - §006, Spring 2011

Categories: Legal Profession Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Plum, Christina

Oral Communications for Lawyers; Instructor:
Andrew W. Erlandson


reveal that improved oral communication skills (e.g., speaking to public bodies,
meeting with clients, handling simple matters in court, communicating with a trade
group or organization) are a priority legal skill not often taught in law
school.  Oral
Communications for Lawyers is an interactive, hands-on course designed to develop
and improve students’ public speaking skills. Each student will learn by doing,
in a variety of scenarios, and receive constructive, personalized feedback on

performance.   Governing criteria for
reviewing presentations: messages should be clear, concise, complete,
audience connection, real (
genuine and believable), confident and produce
desired results. 
The class will meet
8 times, and students will speak no less than six times, in varying formats and
settings. They will also make occasional impromptu presentations, of two or
three minutes, during the course of the semester.   Attendance is mandatory, and active student participation is required. Most assignments require structured, focused
preparation outside of class. There is no written final examination. The
course, which is graded pass/fail, is open to all second and third year
students, and enrollment is limited. Course materials may be purchased at the


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