University of Wisconsin–Madison

715 Torts - §002, Spring 2017

Categories: Torts

Instructor(s) Ossorio, Pilar

A “tort” is a civil wrong, not based in contract, causing a loss for which compensation (damages) will be awarded. This course provides students a foundational understanding of the law of torts, including the bases of liability in tort law. We will focus primarily on negligence, but will also be introduced to strict liability, products liability, and intentional torts.

Course Learning Outcomes --By the end of the course the student should:

• Understand the processes by which the common law evolves and some of the underlying policy;
• Understand how common law differs from statutory or regulatory law;
• Demonstrate proficiency in extracting legal rules and rationales from cases;
• Demonstrate proficiency and good judgment in analyzing and interpreting cases;
• Improve discussion skills.

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