Section 001, Contracts II - Tai, Steph

Course Page for Fall 2019 - Tai, Steph

Contracts II deals with current legal problems in commercial contracts. While some issues of formation are considered, emphasis is on questions of performance and excuse. We pay close attention to relevant sections of Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code, and we attempt to expand the context of appellate opinions as broadly as possible to show the business background and likely impact of the decisions.

Student Learning Outcomes – This course is designed to
1. Help you deepen your knowledge of contracts law by exposing you to doctrinal elements not covered in your introductory contracts course. That is, we will cover similar topics, but from perspective not only of understanding the case law, but also talking more broadly about how the law applies in actual practice settings.
2. Help you achieve a better understanding of different practice settings for contracts law, including supply chain management, a rising area of contracts practice. This is done by coupling the doctrinal readings with readings around “advice for legal practitioners” as well as hearing from numerous guest speakers, both contracts attorneys as well as potential clients.
3. Develop your skills as a legal researcher, by providing a step-wise approach for you to propose, refine, and edit a legal research paper topic. In the process, you will be refining your scholarly and advocacy abilities, as well as develop resume-able items to appeal to future employers. (Seriously, a number of former students have gotten jobs in the industry on which they wrote their papers!)

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