Attention 3Ls Taking Volunteer Positions

Application forms to use in order to apply for a stipend through the Law School's 3L Volunteer Opportunity Program are now available to be picked up in the Career Services Office.  If you would prefer, you may contact any of the Career Services staff to ask for an application to be emailed to you.  There is no application "deadline," per se, but we recommend that you submit your application as soon as your volunteer arrangements are finalized, because the stipend award committee will be meeting periodically this spring and summer to consider applications and begin making awards.  To be eligible to be considered for a stipend, you must accept a volunteer position with a nonprofit organization or a government agency.  The position does not need to be in Wisconsin.  The Law School will not be in a position to offer stipends to students who have accepted jobs with law firms that are deferring their start dates and giving them some form of financial support in the interim.   

Submitted by Kate McMahan on April 30, 2009

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