IIS Services for 1L's February 11-22

Now is the best time to come in if you want to improve exam performance this semester. You still have time to identify and make the changes you need in your class preparation, outlining, and exam writing. Appointments are available each weekday; go to room 2378 to sign up. If you can't reach the room, e-mail mbray@wisc.edu. Workshops Writing a More Effective QP and BA This workshop provides techniques, examples, and opportunities to apply the techniques to the issues in your Legal Research and Writing Research Memo. Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 12:05 in room 5246 Thursday, Feb. 14, at 11:00 in room 5223 Conciseness Techniques This workshop teaches you four ways to cut 10% or more from your documents without having to remove any content. Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 12:05 in room 5246 Thursday, Feb. 21, at 11:00 in room 5223

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