The University of Wisconsin Law School Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic is recruiting students for the fall 2011 semester, with an option to participate during the entire 2011-2012 academic year. 

Applicants should email a cover letter and resume to Janet Christopher ( no later than August 12, 2011. The cover letter should identify any experience and legal education in transactional law, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, client interface, or science. Rising 3Ls are given priority.

Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Fall 2011 Program:  The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E Clinic) is a program providing students the opportunity to work with startup businesses and entrepreneurs.  Students may elect to participate for 1 to 5 credits for the semester.  The time commitment for the L&E Clinic is determined by the number of credits for which a students elects to participate.  The L&E Clinic is located at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery  (

The L&E Clinic operates as a law firm using the varied expertise of individual L&E Clinic participants to provide collaborative, quality legal services to startup businesses and entrepreneurs.  The L&E Clinic provides legal expertise in coordination with accounting and business planning to clients and continually explores out-state clients as part of Law in Action ( and the personification of the Wisconsin Idea ( 

Students use what they have learned in the classroom, what they discover through research, collaboration and  expert consultation and their life experiences to prioritize and solve problems facing their clients.  Students are supervised by experienced business law and corporate attorneys and respond to wide ranging legal issues, including business formation, capital structure, funding, intellectual property and contracts.  The L&E Clinic helps students develop skills and confidence in client interface while providing thoughtful and productive solutions to legal, business, and ethical challenges confronting early stage businesses and entrepreneurs.

Submitted by Academic Affairs on August 1, 2011

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