Lawyering Skills Course Information Session

Worried about being “practice ready”?
The Lawyering Skills Course will get you there!

Join us for an information session:
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
8:45-9:30 A.M.
Room 2211

Snacks while they last!

The Lawyering Skills Course focuses on preparing its students to enter the legal profession. Each student has ample opportunity to practice fundamental lawyering skills (negotiations, oral advocacy and communications, interviewing and counseling, drafting, and problem solving), all in the context of substantive areas of legal practice. Students also examine how practicing lawyers address difficult ethical and professional problems, manage their practices, and balance their professional and personal lives. A unique feature of the Lawyering Skills Course is that it is taught by a faculty of approximately 70 practicing lawyers and other professionals. In both large and small group settings, teams of practitioners, during each of nine substantive weekly segments:

• Lead class discussions;
• Demonstrate practice situations;
• Share experiences and perspectives;
• Evaluate student work; and
• Serve as a resource for students.

In addition to nine substantive segments and a variety of workshops, the Course includes a Skills Intensive Training Weekend. More than 30 lawyers participate as faculty in a two-day exercise in which students represent clients in a comprehensive legal transaction. The students practice skills learned throughout the course and receive individualized feedback on their performances.

The Course is led by two Law School faculty members, Gretchen Viney and Ralph Cagle. Both have extensive law practice experience, are active in bar activities, and frequently teach continuing education programs for lawyers and other professionals. Here is the basic information about the course:

• Course is open to 2nd and 3rd-year law students.
• Course is pass-fail, 7-credit, offered only spring semester.
• Classes meet from 12:25-3:25 pm on designated days.
• There is no final exam.
• Class credit requires class attendance, completion of two or three weekly written assignments, and class participation in assigned role simulations.
• Enrollment is limited.

For more information: Attend the information session on October 23, stop by the Lawyering Skills Office in Room 5226, or contact Professor Viney or Professor Cagle


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