Summer 2012 Externship Opportunities for 2Ls



Summer 2012 Externship Opportunities for 2Ls

Starting the week of October 24, 2011, applications will be accepted at the Remington Center for second-year law students interested in a criminal justice-related externship for the summer of 2012.

There are three distinct projects: (1) the Prosecution Project (2) the Defender Project and (3) the Hayes Police-Prosecution Project. Each project offers an opportunity for a paid summer externship working with a Wisconsin district attorney, public defender or as part of a joint police-prosecutor partnership. Placement options are available in all areas of Wisconsin.

Each project has classroom components in the spring and fall in addition to the paid summer internship. The Prosecution and Defender Projects consist of the following:

- a 3 credit spring preparatory seminar
- a 2 credit spring trial advocacy class
- a ten-week paid externship in which the student is certified under ch. 50, the Wisconsin Student Practice Rules and
- a 2 credit fall seminar which satisfies the professional responsibility requirement for graduation

Students participating in the Hayes Police-Prosecution Project enroll in the Selected Problems in Policing class offered during the spring semester as well as the classes required for the Prosecution Project.

Applications and informational brochures will be available at the Remington Center Main Office - Room 4318 - or the Career Services Office. Interviews will be conducted from late October through November with placement offers announced on or about December 1, 2011. Students may sign up for an interview at the Main Office of the Remington Center.

For additional information contact Ben Kempinen (262-7908)( or Michael Scott (238-2844)( Project or Hayes Police-Prosecution Project) or Michele LaVigne (262-9859)( Project). Information about each program is also available on the Law School website.

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