Individualized Writing Instruction Services for 1Ls

   You can reserve an individual session by going to room 2378 (in the library) and signing up for any available appointment.  You can reserve up to 30 minutes for a session, which is held in room 2378.  If it is difficult for you to stop by the office, you can call 263-5088 or e-mail, explaining your concern and leaving a list of the times you are available.  You'll get a response within two work days.  Your session will be with Mary Barnard Ray, a legal writing specialist who has worked with students at the UW Law School for over 30 years.  
      If you are a part-time student who only comes to the law school in the evenings, we can still arrange an appointment.  Contact Mary Barnard Ray at the abovementioned e-mail or phone number to work out a mutually convenient time.

      The next workshops are scheduled for the last week of September, but you don’t have to wait until then to learn how to improve your writing.  Instead, take advantage of the extra time available and come in for an individual session focused on your writing needs.

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