Stewart Macaulay Honored at 6th Annual International Conference on Contracts

Stewart Macaulay was honored at the 6th Annual International Conference on Contracts, held on February 18-19 at the Stetson Law School in Gulfport, Florida. The opening roundtable focused on “The Work and Influence of Stewart Macaulay.” The moderator was Carol Chomsky of Minnesota and the participants were Jean Braucher (Arizona), Victor Goldberg (Columbia) and William Woodward (Temple).

Chomsky gave a brief introduction of Macaulay and his work. She noted that she shared his love of mysteries and the music of Duke Ellington. However, she (a Minnesota professor) had some difficulty with his love of the Green Bay Packers.

Macaulay gave the keynote address entitled “There Is No ‘Contracts Is Dead’ Movement.” In his 1974 book, The Death of Contract, the late Grant Gilmore had called Macaulay “The Lord High Executioner of the Contracts Is Dead Movement.” Macaulay looked at movement developments in research and teaching about contracts and found much life in the work now going on.

At the final dinner for the conference, Macaulay was given a career award. The plaque stated: “In recognition of a career of scholarship, mentoring, and friendship in the finest tradition of academia.”


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