Top Names in Labor and Employment Law Gather for UW Law School Conference

The Constitutionalization of Labor and Employment Law? Conference

On October 28 and 29, the UW Law School will host "The Constitutionalization of Labor and Employment Law?" an innovative and timely conference at the intersection of labor and employment law and constitutional law. It is the first law school conference that comprehensively focuses on these crucial workplace legal issues.

The conference, which is co-organized by Nathan P. Feinsinger Professor of Labor Law Emerita Carin Clauss and Visiting Professor of Law Paul M. Secunda, reexamines to what extent constitutional law can and should inform workplace law. It comes at a crucial time as the nation faces tough questions about workplace structures and governance.

Leading scholars in constitutional, labor, employment, and employment discrimination law will participate in the conference. Speakers include: Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law School, Vicki Schultz of Yale Law School, George Rutherglen of the University of Virginia School of Law; Ken Dau-Schmidt of Indiana University Mauer School of Law, Kermit Roosevelt of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Pauline Kim of the Washington University School of Law. These, and other prominent scholars, will produce an exceptional volume of articles on this increasingly important topic for Wisconsin and the United States. Papers from the conference are due to be published in the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, and Society.

UW Law School Dean Margaret Raymond expressed the school's excitement to be hosting this event, noting that it is "truly a gathering of the best scholars in the field." The conference continues the Law School’s scholarly contributions to the development and implementation of a number of public policies benefitting the nation’s workforce – from the first functioning workers' compensation law, the first unemployment compensation law, the first public sector bargaining law, and a number of initiatives concerning the rights of women.

To learn more and register for the conference, go here.

Submitted by UW Law News on October 12, 2011

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