2Ls: Prosecution Project

A number of paid, ten-week summer internships for the summer of 2009 are still available for the Prosecution Project in Brown, Green, Marathon, Outagamie and Rock Counties in Wisconsin. These internships provide hands-on trial level experience in the criminal justice system and the opportunity to appear in court and participate in the local criminal justice system. Students participating in the Prosecution Project are required to enroll in spring and fall seminars in addition to the summer internship. The spring seminar combines the study of prosecution and defense functions with skills training to prepare students for the summer internship; the fall seminar provides reflection on the summer experience and satisfies the Professional Responsibilities requirement. Interested students should contact Prof. Ben Kempinen at 262-7908 or kempinen@wisc.edu.

Submitted by Jane Heymann, Assistant Dean for Career Services on February 25, 2009

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