Assistance with Applications to the US Dept. of Housing and Development Honors Program for 3Ls

If you plan to apply to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Legal Honors Program (an entry-level hiring program for 3Ls and graduates who are completing judicial clerkships), please note that one of our 2002 grads, Jonathan Anderson, is a lawyer in the General Counsel's office of HUD in Washington, D.C. Jon suggests that any 3L who plans to apply to this program contact him first to talk about the sort of work HUD lawyers do, how the Department is organized, and how to write your cover letter in a way to maximize your chances of being selected for an interview. The posting for HUD's Legal Honors Program is in the Job Bank on Symplicity, and Jon's contact information is in the job posting.

Submitted by Jane Heymann, Assistant Dean for Career Services on January 27, 2006

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