Distinguishing Yourself through International Law Opportunities- Monday March 3rd from 12 - 1 in RM 5246

On Monday, March 3rd, at noon, in Room 5246, Professor Matt Wilson, who is Associate Dean of Temple University Law School's Tokyo campus, will be at the Law School to make a one-hour presentation on the topic of "Distinguishing Yourself Through International Law Opportunities," in which he talks about things that a law student can do during law school to get involved in transnational or international legal matters; what exactly "international law" is; conventional and unique international career opportunities for law students domestically in the U.S., overseas, and on tropical islands; how a U.S.-educated law student can go about finding an internationally-related legal internship or job, either domestically or overseas.

Submitted by Nilesh Patel, Career Advisor on March 11, 2008

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