IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Attorneys with Disabilities

IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Attorneys with Disabilities: The 2nd Annual IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Attorneys with Disabilities will be held on Friday, September 15, 2006, in Washington, D.C. All students from all law schools are invited. Students and graduates will be able to register, view and upload application materials through Sunday, July 23, 2006, on the IMPACT website. Students will upload their materials for each employer on the IMPACT website. They can upload, make corrections, customize materials, and add/delete employer selections anytime prior to July 24. On Monday, July 24, the IMPACT Registration Coordinator will send employers the uploaded materials via an email link. On July 24, employers can browse the applicant materials on line, print them, and save them. There is a "make final selection" column with yes, no, alt1, al2, alt3, and alt4, where the employer makes and submits final selections to the IMPACT Coordinators. An email is then sent to students with a link to sign up for an interview time. When the schedule is completed, the IMPACT Coordinator emails a link with the interview schedules to both students and employers. Here is the link to the 2006 IMPACT website: Please click on the "Student/Grad Register" link in the left-hand column to easily acccess the registration page. Please contact one of the host schools if you have any questions: University of Arizona College of Law, Assistant Dean Mary Birmingham, 520-621-5060,; Georgetown University Law Center, Assistant Dean Gihan Fernando, 202-662-9306,

Submitted by Jane Heymann, Assistant Dean for Career Services on April 10, 2006

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