Initiative for Public Interest Law at Yale

The Initiative for Public Interest Law at Yale is accepting applications for one-year grants of up to $30,000 to be awarded in the summer of 2007. Complete applications must be received no later than February 1, 2007. Details about the grant application process and information on past recipients is available at: For questions, please contact Initiative student co-presidents Stacie Jonas or Aryeh Weinstein . The Initiative is a non-profit organization that provides start-up money for projects that protect the legal rights or interests of inadequately represented groups. Please note that the Initiative seeks to fund individuals who are launching new projects, not to provide funding for ongoing work at existing organizations. The Initiative funds innovative projects that may have difficulty obtaining money from other sources due to the subject matter of the project or the approach taken by the project. The Initiative will not fund any project that focuses on conducting academic research or serving the needs of an individual client. Additionally, we will not fund a project for which the applicant will receive academic credit. We will consider proposals for work that will be performed outside the United States. We fund cutting-edge projects whose successful execution might be a model for other organizations seeking new and better ways to represent clients. While the Initiative may choose to fund one project for the full $30,000 grant amount, in recent years, the Board has often chosen instead to award several partial grants. For example, in one recent award cycle, the Initiative awarded one grant of $9,000 and one grant of $21,000.

Submitted by Kristin Davis, Public Interest Law Advisor on October 11, 2006

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