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Updating student profiles and uploading resumes into Symplicity Most students have not updated their students profiles in the school's job bank. The profile section allows Career Services staff to search for students' practice area interests and the geographic area where they want to work. This information comes in very handy when an employer calls the Office up to ask for students with an interest in say, Labor and Employment law, willing to work in Phoenix, AZ or San Francisco, CA. If no information is available, the staff will have to rely on their memory (faulty as it may be) to see if any students match the employer's criteria. While we can encourage the employer to post the position so everyone can see it, sometimes they just want a select few applicants who have already indicated an interest in the practice area or location. So, rather then getting left off the employer contact list in those situations, take a few moments to update your student profile. The two main items to update are your geographic work preferences and the practice areas you are interested in. Also upload your resume as Symplicity allows Career Services to do text based searches on an individual's work experience, education, and address.

Submitted by Nilesh Patel, Career Advisor on February 24, 2006

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