May 2009 Graduates Engaged in Job Searches


If you are searching for positions in Madison, don't forget to check the University of Wisconsin's position listings, at, as well as the classified ads on the State Bar of Wisconsin's website at  If you are looking in the Twin Cities area, check the U of MN Law School's Job Bank on Symplicity -- anyone in the Career Services Office can give you the website, username and password.   If you are leaving Wisconsin, we would be happy to request reciprocity for you to use the Career Services Office and view the job postings at a law school in the region where you will be job searching.  Read the information about reciprocity arrangements on our website at and then complete and submit the online reciprocity request form.  Keep in mind that most law schools have a "blackout" policy and won't grant reciprocity during August, September and October when they are too busy with their own fall interviewing programs -- so plan your reciprocity requests accordingly.

As an alum, you will always have access to our Job Bank on Symplicity.  In addition, we will be available this summer for mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, and to offer any other kind of assistance you might need.  Don't hesitate to call or email any of us.


Submitted by Kate McMahan on April 30, 2009

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