ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS UNTIL 4/01/08 FOR FALL 2008 HANDS-ON LITIGATION EXPERIENCE The Wisconsin Department of Justice Extern Program offers law students a unique opportunity next fall to gain hands-on experience in public advocacy and litigation. Externs practice trial, appellate and administrative law with some of the state's most respected litigators, working on matters of statewide importance. DOJ externs work in 7 units in the Wisconsin Department of Justice: Environmental Protection, Consumer Protection, Civil Litigation and Employment (which includes civil rights, torts, prisoner rights, medical malpractice and eminent domain), State Programs and Administration (which includes core governmental issues, tax, property, bankruptcy, open meetings and open records), Medicaid Fraud, Criminal Litigation (which includes criminal prosecution, antitrust and public integrity) and Legal Services/Attorney General's Office (for descriptions of the unites see http://www.doj.state.wi.us/site/divs.asp#dls); in 4 units at the Department of Natural Resources: Water Regulation and Zoning, Air and Waste, Fish/Game and Law Enforcement, and Property/Personnel; and at the Public Service Commission, which regulates 1,100 public utilities that provide electricity, heat, water and telecommunications services in the state. The assistant attorneys general in the DOJ units are charged under state law with representing the state in all courts, state and federal, trial and appellate, as both plaintiff and defendant. The DNR and PSC attorneys advise agency staff, appear at administrative hearings, defend agency decisions and develop administrative rules and policies. Attorneys in both agencies also review legislative proposals, respond to citizen inquiries, provide training, and advise state entities. Externs work as partners with attorneys on their cases and related projects. Assignments include drafting and responding to pleadings, including complaints, answers and motions, drafting trial and appellate court briefs, preparing discovery requests and responses, preparing legal memoranda, analyzing legislative proposals, attending negotiations, settlement meetings and court hearings, participating in agency hearings and moot courts, preparing legal opinions and answering citizen correspondence. Externs work with assistant attorneys general and agency attorneys, and make contact with client agency officials, citizens, adversaries, legislators and other attorneys. Externs enroll for 5 to 7 credits and must commit 15 to 21 hours per week to the program, including a biweekly seminar 8:30-10:30 on Wednesdays. Grading is pass-fail. Students interested in participating in the program in the Fall 2008 semester should submit a resume, transcript and letter of interest to JoAnne Kloppenburg, preferably by e-mail to kloppenburgjf@doj.state.wi.us, or by mail to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Post Office Box 7857, Madison WI 53707-7857, or in person at 17 West Main Street (Risser Justice Center). All application materials must be received at DOJ no later than April 1, 2008. Professor Nina Camic and Assistant Attorneys General Michael Losse and JoAnne Kloppenburg supervise the Extern Program. For additional information, please contact Mike (266-7063; lossemj@doj.state.wi.us) or JoAnne (266-9227; kloppenburgjf@doj.state.wi.us) or Nina (263-5623; nlcamic@wisc.edu).

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