Professor Ghosh gives invited lecture on Intellectual Property and competition policy at Wuhan University Faculty of Law

Apple's pricing of eBooks, Microsoft's licensing practices, Erickson's dispute in India with mobile phone manufacturer MicroMax, standard setting by trade associations ... These were some of the topics Professor Shubha Ghosh addressed at an invited lecture given at Wuhan University Faculty of Law on May 15, 2014. 

Professor Ghosh spoke to a group of thirty law school graduate students and practitioners for three hours. The discussion was lively, and Professor Ghosh's talk provided a history of the parallel development of competition law and intellectual property in England and the United States and the relevance of these two areas of law for developing countries.  

Professor Lizhi Ning, with whom Ghosh is working on an article for the Oxford Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, extended the invitation to provide a lecture, which was hosted by Professor Nie Jianqiang, an expert on international law.  Also present was Professor Jiehan Feng, an expert on compulsory licensing who provided lively comments and questions in response to Ghosh's talk. After the lecture, Professor and Vice Dean Qin Tianbao presented Professor Ghosh with an honorary certificate as visiting professor of the Wuhan Faculty of Law. 

A podcast of the talk is available.

Submitted by Shubha Ghosh on May 29, 2014

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