Winners of the Best Brief Competitions

Daniel Poniatowski and Bryce Schoenborn are the winners of the two Best Brief Competitions sponsored by the Legal Research and Writing Program during the 2012-2013 academic year.  Mr. Poniatowski (class of 2015) won the competition for first-year students, and Mr. Schoenborn (class of 2014) won the competition for second-year students.  They wrote their winning appellate briefs in the LR&WII courses for their respective classes.

Both competitions involved three separate evaluation stages.  First, the Legal Research and Writing faculty selected the best briefs written in their sections.  Next, separate panels of Wisconsin attorneys evaluated the semi-finalists' briefs in each competition, and their rankings determined the finalists.  The finalists' briefs were then judged independently by panels of law school faculty, whose rankings determined the winners.

The other finalists in the first-year students' competition were Nicholas Bullard, Jarvis Idowu, Amanda Kuklinski, Nathan Schlavensky, and Rachel Snyder.  In the second-year students' competition, the other finalists were Andrea Davenport, Caitlin Madden, Matthew Misfeldt, Jacqueline Roush, and Kevin Van Ert.

Submitted by Mary Ann Polewski on October 7, 2013

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