2009 Student Graduation Speaker Nominees

    Below is the list of current third year students who were nominated to speak at this year's graduation ceremony on May 15th. This list is posted outside the SBA office, and any student wishing to respectfully decline their nomination may do so by crossing their own name off that list.  The list below is in alphabetical order by last name.  Please take a moment to make sure that any student that you nominated actually appears on this list. If they do not, e-mail Vic Yanz (yanz@wisc.edu) immediately with the name of that nominee.

Please feel free to contact any members of the SBA Graduation Committee with questions, comments, or concerns.  Thank you.


UW-SBA Graduation Committee
Iliana Castillo
Andy Gehl
Danielle Hoffmann
Karen Siettmann
Vic Yanz

2009 Student Graduation Speaker Nominees
Jeremy Adelson
Carl Barlett
Jeff Barrett
Melanie Black
Dan Blinka
James Block
Millie Bond
Colleen Brown
Jon Bundy
Emily Cannon
Jaeson Carreno
Iliana Castillo
Renee Christensen
Sophy Chun
Gretchen Cleveland
Emily Collins
Scott Colom
Noah Dermer
Cathleen Dettmann
Swathi Dhoma
Charlie Doughty
Sarah Erlinder
Ryan Farrell
Rufino Gaytan
Andy Gehl
Chris Gibbs
Ryan Gist
Sara Gonzalez
Samira Guyot
 Danielle Hoffmann
Khalaf Khalaf
Payal Khandhar
Tim Kidd
Brad Kopetsky
Neal Krokosky
Gabriel Krambs
Marc Jacobson
Brian Jenks
Jeremy Jewett
Jenni Lee
Mark Lemke
Joyce Liu
Mike Major
Paul Manrique
Darryl Martin
Tim Maun
John Menn
Abdul Mitha
Nadia Noboa-Chehade
Maggie Premo
Jessica Price
Anwar Ragep
Kasanda Rogiers
Connor Sabatino
Saira Shirazi
Karen Siettmann
Brian Slade
Jill Smith
Chris Smithka
Justin Snowden
Damian Stutz
Erick Tyrone
Anastasia Vener
Johnny Walsh
Sam Wayne
Kara Weinberger
Adam Welle
Peter White
Janell Wise
Vic Yanz

Submitted by Vic Yanz, Student Bar Association President on March 23, 2009

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