PILF Elects New Executive Board for 2008-09 School Year

April 9, 2008--The University of Wisconsin Public Interest Law Foundation (UW-PILF) held their annual elections and a new set of officers were elected. We are thrilled to announce the new officers effective immediately: President: Beth Stockbridge Vice President: Nick Watt Administrative Coordinator: Amanda Van Dyke Treasurer: Jenny Zimmerman Fundraiser: Darcy Copland Scholarship Coordinator: Katy Ramsey Alumni Coordinator: Anne Applebaum Service Coordinator: Jenny Vandermeuse Public Relations Coordinator: Lindsey Smith Student Coalition Coordinator/LRAP Liason: Kyra Olds If you have any questions about UW-PILF, please feel free to contact Beth Stockbridge at stockbridge@wisc.edu.

Submitted by UW Law School Newsletter Admin on April 10, 2008

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