Locker Renewal Program



Locker Renewal Program

It is time to renew your locker for the upcoming school year.  By renewing this spring you save $10 and guarantee that you will have a locker next year.  3L's: You will have until August 7th to clean out your lockers.   

WHEN:  April 27th - April 29th from 10am - 4pm

WHERE:   Atrium  

PRICE:    $55 (Cash or Checks payable to UW SBA)  

Frequently Asked Question  

1) What happens if I don't renew?  

      A:  A student who fails to renew by the designated deadline (April 29) will forfeit use of the locker as of August 7.  At that time, the contents will be emptied and held by the SBA for four weeks, after which time the contents shall become the property of the SBA.  (See §1306 of the SBA By-Laws) 

2)  What if I'm taking summer classes but do not want to renew my locker for the fall semester?

      A:  A student in summer school may continue possession until the completion of summer classes but must empty the locker by the end of the first week of the fall semester.  Please fill out a Locker Renewal Form and check that you are taking summer classes but do not wish to renew for the 2009-2010 Academic Year.  (See §1305 of the SBA By-Laws) 

3) We are a Student Organization who received lockers after the Student Org Room was cleaned out, what do we need to do?

                    A:  Nothing.  Student Organizations will continue to use the same lockers free of charge. 

4)  Can I rent a locker in the fall?  

      A:  Yes, but locker rentals are a first-come, first-served basis.  We cannot guarantee that lockers will be available after Fall Orientation.  Also, locker prices in the fall will be $65, so why not save $10 this spring?   

5)  What do you do with the locker revenue?    

      A:  The majority of locker revenue is used to provide funding to other student groups within the law school.  It is also used to fund SBA events and conduct SBA operations.  (See §1304 of the SBA By-Laws) 

If you have any questions, email Chase Horne at  

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