Spring 2009 Courses with the Center for Patient Partnerships

Want to help patients navigate the health care system?  Learn about health insurance and disability?  Looking for a hands-on, interprofessional, client-centered course or clinical/service learning experience?

The Center for Patient Partnerships, an interdisciplinary patient advocacy educational center of the Schools of Law, Medicine & Public Health, Nursing, and Pharmacy is currently accepting applications for our Spring (and Summer) clinical course: Health Advocacy and Patient-Centered Care.  Deadline is November 15th.

For additional information and application: Health Advocacy and Patient-Centered Care clinical course http://www.patientpartnerships.org/clinical.php

This course is a service-learning opportunity for graduate and professional students to advocate with current patients who are:

  • engaged in medical decision-making;

  •    learning about their illness and treatment options;

  •    struggling with financing care;

  •    applying for private or public disability programs; or

  •    contemplating employment rights and balancing illness and work

Students from the Schools of Social Work, Public Affairs, Population Health, Health Systems and Engineering join those from Law, Medicine and Pharmacy to collaborate as they empower patients to partner with health care providers and navigate complex systems.

Submitted by Center for Patient Partnerships on November 6, 2008

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