Instead of (or in addition to) sending their assignments via email or posting them in Canvas, some instructors post their initial assignments on this website. Please check this site periodically between now and the beginning of the semester to see if any of your instructors have posted a syllabus or an assignment for the first day of class. 

1L Courses

Section Course Instructor Assignment
715-001 Torts Barkan Initial assignment for Torts (Barkan).
715-002 Torts Ossorio Initial assignment for Torts (Ossorio).
715-003 Torts McDermott Initial assignment for Torts (McDermott)
723-003; 723-011 Legal Research & Writing II Fox The reading assignments for the first day of class appear on the Course Syllabus, which will be posted on the course Canvas webpage at noon on Friday, January 14.
724-001 Property Klug The first class will be on January 25. Check the announcements in Canvas for the initial reading assignment and more information.
724-003 Property Ard Initial assignment and attachments for Property (Ard).
940-108 Law & Contemporary Problems: Legislation & Regulation Desai Introductory email; initial assignment for Legislation & Regulation

2L & 3L Courses

Section Course Instructor Assignment
731-001; 731-002 Constitutional Law I Quraishi-Landes Initial assignment for Consitutional Law I.
802-001 Civil Procedure II Tokaji Initial assignment for Civil Procedure II.
817-001 Business Organizations I Atkinson Read pp. 1-17 of Bainbridge: Agency, Partnerships, & LLCs. 
821-001 Bankruptcy Richman Syllabus for Bankruptcy
825-001 Insurance Law Friedman No reading assignment for first class; syllabus for Insurance Law (updated 1/17/22).
850-001 Professional Responsibilities McDermott Initial assignment for Professional Responsibilities (McDermott).
850-002 Professional Responsibilities Pierce Initial assignment for Professional Responsibilities (Pierce); syllabus for Professional Responsibilities (Pierce).
854-110 Clinical Program: Eviction Defense Clinic Lopez Initial assignment for Eviction Defense Clinic
871-001 International Trade Law Ibele Initial assignment for International Trade Law.
939-001 Adoption Law & Policy Richter Initial assignment for Adoption Law & Policy; syllabus for Adoption Law & Policy
940-103 Law & Contemporary Problems: Technology Law Ard Initial assignment for Technology Law
940-104 Law & Contemporary Problems: Food Law Levenson Initial assignment, attachments, and syllabus for Food Law. Review the revised syllabus, figure out what's wrong with the "Sell Sheet" for V-9 Juice, read the Bimbo Bakeries decision and decide if there might be a flaw in the court's reasoning (these documents are provided in the foregoing link). 
940-106 Law & Contemporary Problems: Sports Law Schaub Read pp. 1-69 of the textbook; syllabus for Sports Law.
940-112 Law & Contemporary Problems: Antitrust Lipscomb-Jackson Read pp. 3-18 of the textbook. Draft syllabus for Antitrust
940-113 Law & Contemporary Problems: Labor Relations Kulwiec  Read pp. 1-11 of Dau Schmidt, Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace (3rd Ed. 2019). 
940-114 Law & Contemporary Problems: Workers Compensation Aplin; Clark Initial assignment for Workers Compensation
950-103 Lawyering Skills Course: Empirical Analysis & the Law Didwania Initial assignment for Empirical Analysis and the Law

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