Initial Assignments

Fall 2016

First Year Courses:

Civil Procedure I, Section 1, Prof. Megan McDermott:   First Assignment

Civil Procedure I, Section 2, Prof. Ion Meyn: First Assignment

Civil Procedure I, Section 5, Prof. Robert Yablon:  First Assignment

Contracts, Section 4, Prof. Kathie Hendley:  Be prepared to discuss the problems on pp. 42-45 of Contracts:  Law in Action (4th ed.).  Note that working through these problems will require you to consult the Uniform Commercial Code, which is available in the statutory supplement.  Please read pp. 1-42 of the casebook as background.

2L and 3L Courses:

Civil Procedure II, Section 1, Prof. Linda Greene:  First Assignment

Environmental Law and Practice, Profs. Dawson and Kent:  One of the required texts for this course, Wisconsin Water Law in the 21st Century, is available online from, or can be purchased in class. 

Real Estate Transactions I, Prof. Gretchen Viney:  First Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  First Assignment

Trusts and Estates, Prof. Howard Erlanger:  First Assignment






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