Initial Assignments

Spring 2018

First Year Courses:

Torts, Section 001, Prof. Alta Charo:  Casebook:  Cases and Materials on Torts, 5th ed., by Robertson, Powers Jr., Anderson and Wellborn III.  For first class, read Introduction pp. 1-7, and Intentional Torts:  Battery and Assault, pp. 9-21, 23 (Vetter) - 25.

Property, Section 002, Prof. Miriam Seifter: Casebook ("CB"): Property Law, 6th ed., by Singer et al. For first class read and be prepared to discuss: CB 3-16, 17-18 (n.7 only), 21-29.


2L and 3L Courses and 1L Electives:

Civil Procedure II, Prof. Linda Greene:  Information and initial assignment

Bioethics and the Law, Prof. Alta Charo:

Introduction:  What is Health?  What is Disability?  Read:

1)  Hearing the Deaf:

2)  Disability:  A Welfarist Account:

3)  Refusing Cochlear Implants:

Professional Responsibilities, Prof. Tim Pierce:  Initial Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  Initial Assignment

Trusts and Estates I, Prof. Howard Erlanger:  Initial Information









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