Initial Assignments

Spring 2017

First Year Courses:

Legislation and Regulation, Prof. Anuj Desai:  Welcome Message; Initial Assignment

Property, Section 1, Prof. Miriam Seifter:  For the first class on Tuesday, January 17, read and be prepared to discuss pp. 3-16, 17-18 (n. 7 only), and 21-29 of the casebook (Singer, et al., Property Law, 6th ed. 2014).

Torts, Section 1, Prof. Gwyn Leachman:  Read Franklin, et al, pp. 1-16.

Torts, Section 2, Prof. Pilar Ossorio:  Students should read pp 1-18 of their assigned Torts textbook (Franklin, Rabin, Green, et al).

Torts, Section 3, Prof. Peter Carstensen:  Read pp. 1-23 of the Casebook, and Addendum A (RAND accident cost data).

2L and 3L Courses:

Advanced Legal Writing:  Craft and Style, Prof. Ursula Weigold:  For the first class, please read chapters one and three of the textbook:  Tom Goldstein & Jethro K. Lieberman, The Lawyer's Guide to Writing Well (3d ed. 2016).  Those chapters are posted on the Desire2Learn webcourse under the Course Materials tab.

Antitrust, Prof. Peter Carstensen:  Read pp 1-17 of the Casebook, ADM video, Addendum A (emphasizing pp. 6 - 13 and Addendum A).

Health Law, Prof. Sarah Coyne:  Syllabus

Pre-Trial Advocacy, Section 2, Prof. Kim Grimmer:  First Assignment

Payments, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  First Assignment

Professional Responsibilities, Section 1, Prof. Marsha Manfield:  Initial Assignment

Professional Responsibilities, Section 2, Prof. Tim Pierce:  For the first class, please do the following:  1)  Read Model Rules (MR) Preamble and Scope, and MR 1.0 and Comment; as well as Chapter One of the textbook  [Russell G. Pearce, Daniel J. Capra, Bruce A. Green, Renee Newman Knake and Laurel S. Terry, Professional Responsibility:  A Contemporary Approach (West 2d ed. 2013)]; 2)  Sign up for the class on TWEN (this is where assignments will be posted and this is how I will communicate with the class; and 3) Read the Syllabus

Professional Responsibilities, Section 3, Prof. Nick Schweitzer:  Syllabus (which includes first assignment)

Selected Problems in Constitutional Law:  First Amendment, Prof. Anuj Desai:  Welcome Message; Initial Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  First Assignment

Use of Trusts in Estate Planning, Prof. Liz Heiner:  Syllabus and materials






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