About the Board

The Board of Visitors is a group of highly engaged alumni from the public and private sectors. Members function as advisors to the dean to support the Law School’s mission and connect the Law School to its alumni.

The board assumes an active and visible role in the Law School by participating in annual meetings. Through these meetings, the board seeks to identify areas in which it can be helpful to the Law School, its students, faculty and staff. Members provide an external perspective that advances the improvement of the Law School’s facilities, curriculum, placement, admissions and outreach.


Board Members

Elizabeth Gracie BA 1980, JD  1983
Chair, UW Law Board of Visitors

Paul Bateman JD 2010

Michelle Behnke BA 1983, JD 1988

The Hon. Ann W. Bradley JD 1976

Ellen Drought MA 1996, JD 1998

The Hon. Hannah Dugan BA 1981, JD 1987

Sheldon Fink BBA 1954, LLB 1954

William Fisher MA 1966, JD 1978

Jason Gerlach MA/JD 1996

Haben Goitom JD 2008

Tim Hatch BBA 1977, JD 1980

Steven Hernandez JD 1981

Jay Holmes JD 1967

John Miller JD 2006

Andrew Ogilvie JD 1973

SanDee Priser JD 2002

John Sagan JD 1983

Todd Smith JD 1996

Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes JD 2003, MS 2004, PhD 2010

Christopher Smithka JD 2009

Joan Stafslien JD 1992

Scott Williams BA/JD 1988

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