We invite you to participate in a new initiative to connect current students and recent grads with alumni willing to give career advice and guidance. As the profession changes, you are the best guides to the employment market our students could possibly find.

We hope you will share your information in this database and invite contact from UW Law students or alumni who would welcome your guidance, counsel and wisdom.

About the Network

UW Law Alumni Network Connect is a password-protected database that allows our students and recent graduates to search for and connect with alumni using various criteria, including:

  • Location
  • Setting
  • Practice area
  • Employer

Your Involvement

As an alumni in Alumni Network Connect, you control:

  • How you will be contacted (e.g. phone or email)
  • How often you can be contacted
  • Updating your entry in the database, including employer, location and practice information, or even opting out at anytime

Join the Network

If you are a recent grad and would like to access Alumni Network Connect, please email career@law.wisc.edu.

Students will not use Alumni Network Connect to ask for jobs or send out resumes or other application materials. What they will ask for is advice, information and support.

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