752 Copyright Law - §001, Fall 2013

Categories: Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Ghosh, Shubha

The class, structured as a practicum, will provide a hands-on approach to the understanding of the main theoretical and practical issues surrounding copyright ownership and infringement. The course will be divided into three parts covering three distinct questions: (1) what can be copyrighted?; (2) what legal rights attach to copyright?; (3) what constitutes copyright infringement? In addition to close reading of cases and statutes, the course will develop through two writing projects and a final writing assignment due the last day of finals. All of the writing projects will be based on a developing fact pattern. Time will be provided during the semester for focus on the review of the material and the writing assignments. The course is designed for students with a solid background in the first year curriculum, strong background in science and the humanities, strong writing skills, and advanced degrees in an analytical field in the natural sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. The course is also structured for those who wish to pursue opportunities with the Entrepreneurship Law Clinic.

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