Categories: Consumer Law Health Law

Instructor(s) Gaines, Martha (Meg), Davis, Sarah, Jacklitz, Jill

Our educational program provides a student-centered learning opportunity with particular emphasis on helping patients, advocates, and future providers learn to work in real collaboration. We teach professional, graduate, and returning adult students from a diversity of disciplines the art and science of patient advocacy and truly patient-centered care.

Participating in a collaborative, interprofessional environment, students will:
● Develop, implement, and tailor an Independent Learner Plan
● Participate in an applied immersion educational experience that emphasizes
both individual and systemic health care advocacy
● Provide critical advocacy to individuals who contact the Center through the
intake process
● Explore health systems and patient-centered care in an environment that
encourages critical questioning and self-reflection
● Experience core advocacy skills relevant to many disciplines/professions -
case management, capacity building, communication & listening, creative
problem-solving, decision making, and ethics
● Actively participate in weekly case rounds with colleagues and faculty
● Engage with interprofessional faculty in one-on-one and collaborative
teaching and learning.

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