940 Fundamentals of Business Transactions I - §005, Fall 2012

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Heymann, S. Richard

Business transactions constitute one of the more important aspects of business law. This course is intended to enable students who contemplate a career in business law to become familiar with the elements of basic business transactions and the legal issues they present to the lawyers who handle them. During the fall semester (Fundamentals of Bus. Trans. I) we will begin to study the characteristics of certain basic transactions and some of the more common issues they often present. (Fundamentals of Bus. Trans. II in the spring term will complete our analysis and proceed to apply what we have covered in the first part of the course to a sample transaction.) While this is not a "skills course," we will also address certain basic negotiation and drafting issues inherent in business transactions. 3L status and Bus. Orgs. I are pre-requisites.

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