802 Civil Procedure II - §001, Fall 2011

Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Instructor(s) Weston, Cheryl Rosen

Civil Procedure II covers topics associated with the placement of a lawsuit: Subject Matter and Personal Jurisdiction, Venue; Transfer, Forum Non Conveniens as well as the Erie Doctrine (the application or non –application of state law in Federal diversity actions); Joinder and Preclusion. Civil Procedure is concerned with more than technical mastery rules of selected rules and statutes. Civ Pro II addresses the wealth of opportunities for litigators to exercise choice in planning and responding to litigation; we will focus on using the tools of procedure to make good tactical choices on behalf of our clients. Civ Pro II counts towards the Jurisdiction of Courts requirement. Class assignments include case analysis, but also daily problems intended to provide feedback on whether you are able to apply the law we are studying in the context of specific facts.

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