University of Wisconsin–Madison

854 Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship - §016, Fall 2014

Categories: Law Practice Skills Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Englund, Eric, Smith, Anne

The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic is a two or three semester transactional course which provides students the opportunity to work with start-up businesses and entrepreneurial clients. Legal issues involve the full diversity of matters confronting nascent entrepreneurs including entity selection, intellectual property issues, contracts, and other legal issues confronting emerging businesses. L&E student attorneys are encouraged to understand the diversity of legal and business issues confronting their clients and assist in finding resources both legal and non-legal to speak to those needs. The program is housed in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.  Experienced business law and corporate attorneys provide guidance and supervision. Credits: 3 to 5(fall and spring) and 7(summer). Permission of the instructor required.  For more information see UWLE.ORG

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