Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Legal Profession Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Viney, Gretchen

This course will introduce students to a practice-oriented approach to interviewing and counseling. Although we will use a standard legal text, we also will rely on materials and guests from other disciplines. The overall objective of the course is to enable students to effectively interview and represent clients. Class work will include demonstration, critique, discussion, and practical exercises.
Course topics will explore: 1) recognizing legal and non-legal dimensions of a client's problems; 2) developing fundamental skills, including effective listening and questioning; 3) gathering information; and 4) understanding the decision-making process and helping clients make appropriate decisions.
Class goals (subject to periodic revision) are that each student will:
1. Master the basic techniques of interviewing and counseling, applied to ensure the best possible lawyer-client rapport and professional service;
2. Understand the dynamics of client interactions; and
3. Be better prepared to engage in the practice of law in any setting involving client interaction.
A student's final grade will be based on:
--Class attendance and participation;
--Successful completion of class exercises and assignments;
--Midterm interview project;
--Final project (a videotaped client meeting).
Please contact Professor Gretchen Viney for additional information: 262-8048 Room 5224

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