The Frank J. Remington Center is a law-in-action program of the UW Law School made up of several clinical projects dedicated to teaching, service, and research. The Center was founded fifty years ago by the late Professor Frank J. Remington in order to provide students with a "learning center" in the area of criminal justice. Visit the Frank J. Remington Center page to learn more. »

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The Center provides law students with the opportunity to develop the substantive knowledge, professional skills, and judgment necessary to excel as attorneys in all areas of the law; provides high-quality service in individual cases; and engages in empirical research necessary to bring about systemic improvements. 

Students receive course credit for their clinical work; summer clinical students also receive a stipend.

Educational Objectives

The Frank J. Remington Center provides a tremendous array of clinical experiences to students at the University of Wisconsin Law School. But regardless of their variety, all of the Center's clinical projects are motivated by core educational values.

Grounded in these values, we have developed a consistent philosophy of clinical education at the Remington Center. Learn more about FJRC's Educational Objectives »

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Service Objectives

The Frank J. Remington Center has a strong commitment to service, broadly defined, to low-income citizens, incarcerated individuals, correctional agencies, the public defender system, prosecutors’ offices, victims, policy makers, and the larger community.

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Research Objectives

As a learning center, the Remington Center has long fostered an environment in which students and clinical faculty can gather information on legal issues and empirical problems, reflect on them in a collaborative setting, and share their findings with the legal and scholarly communities.

The Center's faculty and students have a long and impressive list of publications and appellate litigation.

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As we move forward, you can help. Though we do not charge for our services, we welcome contributions to the Center. Please join the mission by contributing!

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