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  • Michele LaVigne spoke on the effects of clients' language impairments at two February forums: in Monterrey, she presented at the Capital Case Defense Seminar, sponsored by the California Public Defenders Association and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; and in Tucson, she presented before the Federal Defenders of Arizona and panel attorneys. She also spoke on evidentiary foundations at the Tucson event.

  • Keith Findley and Kate Judson gave keynote talks at "Shaken Science, Reviewing SBS/AHT," an international symposium held in February at Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan. Findley presented "The Past, Present, and Future of SBS Cases in the United States," and Judson presented "Defending SBS/AHT Cases in the United States and Around the World." The two also presented their research on science-dependent child abuse cases at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in Tokyo.

  • In January, Yaron Nili presented "Beyond The Numbers: Substantive Gender Diversity in Boardrooms" at the Faculty Work In Process workshop at University Minnesota Law School.


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