Access to justice in family court

Professor Tonya Brito shares her research story

In a radio broadcast featuring National Science Foundation scholars, Professor Tonya Brito shared a story about accessing courtroom spaces.

Tonya Brito

Brito, a scholar of access to justice in civil courts, has focused her recent research on the experiences of low-income unrepresented litigants in family court. Specifically, she explains, she's interested in "how they navigate their court hearings, whether and how they access litigation assistance resources, how effective they are at self-representation, how the judges and attorneys that they interact with in these court spaces handle cases where people are unrepresented."

Brito joined four other legal scholars — whose work, like hers, is funded by the NSF — to share their research stories. The event was recorded at the NSF headquarters in Washington, D.C., for the radio program Life of the Law.

Listen to Brito's segment. (Transcript)

Listen to the entire program, "Live Law NSF: Translating (Law and Social) Science."


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