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Law student Will Kramer receives Whistleblower of the Year award

Will Kramer receiving his Opee Award

Will Kramer received a 2018 Openness in Government award, presented by the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council at a ceremony on April 19.

The awards, also known as the Opees, recognize efforts to protect public access to open meetings and records.

Kramer, a second-year UW Law student, was awarded Whistleblower of the Year honors for exposing dangerous conditions in a Milwaukee-area industrial packaging plant that he observed while working as a safety consultant. His whistleblowing led to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report on the risks posed to employees and nearby neighbors and sparked action from federal, state and local regulators.

Among those awarded with Kramer this year was Gov. Scott Walker for issuing an executive order aimed at improving the state's response to open records requests.

Submitted by Law School News on May 29, 2018

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