Student bar elects 2016-17 executive board

Sofia Ascorbe

Sofia Ascorbe, a second-year UW Law School student, has been elected president of the Student Bar Association for 2016-17. Ascorbe, who served as vice president for academic affairs this year, replaces graduating president Caleb Saunders.

Other students elected to the SBA executive board include:

  • Ellen Atterbury, vice president of academic affairs
  • Timothy O'Connor, vice president of community affairs
  • Morgan Stippel, vice president of public service
  • Jessica Alanis, secretary
  • Nicholas Dalla Santa, treasurer

In addition to the six-person executive board, SBA is made up of 21 representatives who work to create an open, cordial and unified environment among students, faculty and administration.

Elections for the executive board, second and third-year class representatives occur toward the end of each spring semester. Elections for first-year representatives, graduate representatives and transfer representatives occur at the beginning of each fall semester.

Submitted by Law School News on April 26, 2016

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