"The Many Faces and Facets of U.S. Immigration Activism"

Friday, April 20, 2018
UW Law School
Room 3250

References to the border wall, sanctuary cities, Mexicans, and DREAMERS populate the majority of most media coverage of immigration issues in the United States. These topics are certainly important, and yet, they only illuminate a portion of the complex story of what it means to be an immigrant in the United States today. Concentration on these issues also obscures the diverse activism that is happening around the country on behalf of immigrant communities and issues. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Human Rights Program, in conjunction with Comparative US Studies, hosts a day-long symposium entitled “The Many Faces & Facets of Immigration Activism” to spotlight the hidden stories, experiences, and issues of US immigration. The symposium spotlights the work of immigration activists across the country whose work brings greater attention to the range of communities impacted by the dehumanizing politics, criminalizing policies, and the racist, xenophobic sentiments that make up immigration politics today.


Noon--Registration and refreshments

12:30 p.m.--Welcome by Sara McKinnon, UW-Madison

Panel 1: From Undocumented to Asylum Seeking and theMyriad Statuses In-Between

2 p.m.--Break

2:30  p.m.--Panel 2: Detention, Deportation, and the Legal Perils of Immigration Status in the U.S.

Speakers Include:

Gabrielle Jackson, Mental Wellness Director of UndocuBlack Network
Chhaya Chhoum, Executive Director of Mekong, NYC
Montha Chum, Co-organizer of #ReleaseMN8 Campaign
Lee VanderLiden, LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative of the National Immigrant Justice Center

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