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The National Jurist has ranked UW Law School at #20 in its article on the best public interest law schools in the country, earning UW an "A."

Law schools make the Best Public Interest Law School ranking if they meet main criteria: have one or more public interest clinics; have one or more faculty committees/administrators that oversee public interest; and have a loan repayment assistance program.

With a longstanding commitment to public service and community involvement, the UW Law School offers an array of public interest-oriented courses, clinical opportunities and student organizations. The Office of Career Services supports students interested in public interest careers through counseling, panel discussions, job postings and more.

This commitment to public interest is at the heart of our "law in action" approach to teaching, in which students learn not just legal rules, but also why those rules evolved to address social concerns, and how those rules operate in the real world.

While Wisconsin isn't the only school that offers courses featuring a broader, more socially aware view of law--indeed, the National Jurist article points to an encouraging national increase over the last 15 years--it is the only school whose hallmark is the law-in-action approach to teaching.

To read the full National Jurist article, click here.

Submitted by UW Law News on June 10, 2011

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